Gingerbread House Making


thank you

For coming


What a fantastic time we had this year at our gingerbread event!!

If you joined us, we're so glad you did and we hope you and your family had a wonderful time. We had over 350 people attend across the two locations, and 117 gingerbread houses were made.


If you took advantage of the free photo booth, you can click the links below to view and download a digital copy of your pictures here.

We also took a few photos of the day and if you want to see those pictures, you can click here to view and download them. Perhaps your gingerbread house and your family are in there.


Houses for widows in Burundi

As there were so many people, you may have missed hearing the video we played. This 5 minute video has some of the stories of people who come to our church, but it also highlights a project we support in Burundi in central Africa. While we build gingerbread houses, we offer you an opportunity to partner with us to fund the building of real houses in Burundi for a widow. Each house costs just $800 and over the past three years of our gingerbread event we have had the privilege of building eight of these homes. A big thank you to anyone who gave a donation towards this project already this year, and it's not too late if you'd like to contribute. Just send us an email and we'll get you the details! If you want to find out more, please watch the video below.


Christmas Eve Services

Lastly we'd like to invite you to our Christmas Eve services. We are having a morning service at Palmerston Christian School hall at 9am, and an evening service at the Casuarina Baptist Church at 5pm. Come along and join us in singing a few carols as we focus on the Greatest Gift ever given. We'd love to see you there!


9am: Palmerston Christian School 50 Waler Rd Marlow Lagoon

5pm: Casuarina Baptist Church Hall: 44 Dripstone Rd Alawa